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Is the job market making you nervous? Find out if more school is the answer.
How much do we really know about Christopher Columbus? Discover the first international man of mystery.
Encarta Election Guide 2008
Encarta Election Guide 2008
Election Guide Feature Story:
Debate Zingers
Other Election Guide features include a presidential IQ quiz, famous debate smackdowns and more. Be an informed voter!
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Apollo Astronaut on the Moon (© NASA)On this day in 1968, Apollo 7 astronauts gave a tour of the inside of the spacecraft and showed views through the windows in the first live telecast from space.
What else happened?
Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Recharge your brain with a heady brew of Encarta's best...
Mystery Picture
Guess the mystery imageWhat is this?
Find out.
Did You Know?
Tree Lichen (© Photo Researchers, Inc./Leonard Lee Rue III)There are approximately 18,000 to 20,000 different kinds of lichen.
Keep learning on MSN Encarta.
This Week: The Graveyard Shift

Creatures of the night
Enter the realm of goatsuckers and other midnight prowlers.

Why do we yawn?
Nobody knows, but Bill Nye's got a few theories.

Nature's vampires
Sink your fangs into our vampire bat quiz!

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